“Very occasionally there is an artist whose work captures something well beyond the image, beyond an aesthetic value, skill or idea. Possessing a subtle power and style that places Hopkins amongst those at the forefront of contemporary painters in this country.” – Moata McNamara | MAHons.

I didn’t run away to the circus, I ran away to art school.” – Mana Magazine 2005

In 2000, renowned Māori artist Manos Nathan sent Andrea Hopkins to Toihoukura Contemporary Maori Arts School in Gisborne to study under groundbreaking painter and educator, Sandy Adsett. As a group Toihoukura students traveled the world.  Where they travelled, they took their work and exhibited.

My appreciation for Aotearoa intensified by traveling overseas. After i came back i had a stronger sense of what i wanted to paint.” – AEH

Entrepreneur Kevyn Male met Andrea and became her patron. He introduced her to Auckland dealer gallery the Studio of Contemporary Art (SOCA) and they worked together for many years.

Hopkins has continued to exhibit nationally and internationally, is the curator for a regional arts organisation and is part of a large network of indigenous artists from around the world.  (more…)